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"The Technology to Treat, the Heart to Heal"

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Crater Animal Clinic strives to help keep our patients happy and healthy throughout their lives. Annual examinations focused on  preventative care, are the best methods for helping us keep your pets healthy and to identify any potential illness or condition early before your pet begins to show symptoms. When caught early, many of these conditions can be effectively managed by medication, dietary management or supplementation.

What is a Preventative Care Exam? A Preventative Care Exam is a thorough physical exam aimed at assessing the overall health and quality of life of your pet. This exam includes a thorough dental exam, complete physical exam, brief orthopedic exam and assessment of your pet’s nutritional status, body condition and more. This exam allows us to help your determine your animal’s optimal care and to identify any problems or illnesses before they become an issue.

By taking a preventative approach, you provide your pet with the best chance of a long, happy, healthy life! Call us to schedule a Preventative Care Exam today.

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